Hydropruf Wp 300

Integral waterproofing admixture specially designed to improve the quality of concrete and mortar by waterproofing and reducing the water demand for required workability and minimizes segregation and bleeding

Krystal 1500

Krystal 1500 reacts with the hydra on products of cement to form crystals within the pores and capillaries of concrete structures, thereby effectively blocking the passage of water

Costar 1K

Costar 1K is a blend of Portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced chemical ingredients which when mixed with water, forms a waterproof coating for concrete surfaces. It can be used above or below the grade.

Costar 2k

Costar 2k is a two-component waterproofing membrane with tough-elastic properties suitable for both positive and negative side waterproofing of interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces.

Costar Tile Fix 10

Costar Tile Fix 10 is ready to use cementitous powder for installing ceramic tiles and marbles on to walls and floors. It is suitable for internal vertical and horizontal fixing applications.

Costar Po Joint Filler 10

Costar Po Joint Filler 10 is polymer-modified, waterproof tile grout for grouting between ceramic tiles after the adhesive has set.