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Conseal 270 is two components, solvent free, liquid applied Polyurethane based waterproofing coating which when mixed together, forms a high performance seamless elastomeric waterproofing. It increases the wear and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.

  • Waterproofed surface provides excellent weather and UV resistant
  • Does not need the use of open flames (torch) during application.
  • Resistance to temperature variation.
  • High strength and puncture resistance and can adhere to almost any type of surface
  • Provides sun reflectivity, contributing to thermo-insulation.
  • It offers a seamless waterproofing system, allowing for easy localization of damage and repair.
Typical Applications Area
  • Waterproofing of concrete, tiles and metal surfaces such as roof, terraces and balconies, planter boxes, retaining walls etc.
  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete construction like bridge decks, tunnels, stadium stands etc. Waterproofing of green roofs, flowerbeds, planter boxes, kitchen, auxiliary rooms etc.

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