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COSTAMIX 100 is a SNF based, high ranged water reducing admixture specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduce permeability.

Primary Uses
  • Costamix100 is used in all concrete works where good workability is required
  • To improve the effectiveness of the water content of a concrete mix
  • Reduction of concrete permeability and thereby reducing water penetration
  • Costamix100 is used in the production of high performance precast and pre-stressed concrete by reducing significant amount of water.
  • Used to achieve high strength with improved workability and reduced w/c ratio
  • Reduced dimensions of long term shrinkage and creep. Also minimizes risk of segregation and bleeding
  • Improved workability and pumping properties
  • Chloride-free and suitable for pre-stressing
  • Increased compressive and flexural strength of the concrete both at early and final stage.
  • Protection of reinforcement steel against detrimental water-borne attack.
  • Reduces the need for job site adjustment of slump and workability.
  • Allows specified strength grades to be met at reduced cement content and increased workability.

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