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Costar Paver Sealer

Costar Paver Sealer is fortified with new, heavy-duty resin technology to provide maximum adhesion and protection on concrete surfaces, giving the treated surface a fresh look.

Costar Pro Plug

Costar Pro Plug is a single component, cementitious non-shrink, hydraulic cement, specifically designed to withstand strong hydrostatic pressure. It is breathable, It has no odour, no fumes & is non-flammable.

Costar Repel SP

Costar Repel SP protects the surface against rainwater penetration without changing the aesthetic appearance of the substrate. It is solvent-free and water-repelling. It is suitable for use on all types of masonry including concrete, brick and stone surfaces that are both absorbent and dry to ensure an effective, protective layer against penetration of rainwater.