Costamix 200

Costamix 200 is SNF based, high ranged water reducer specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduces permeability.

Krystal 1500

Krystal 1500 reacts with the hydra on products of cement to form crystals within the pores and capillaries of concrete structures, thereby effectively blocking the passage of water

Krystal 2500

Krystal 2500 is powder-based crystalline admixture for designing a water tight concrete. It is specifically designed for use in above and below the grade applications.

Krystal coat

Krystal Coat is one-component crystalline waterproofing slurry that is specially designed to permanently waterproof both old and new concrete.

Conseal 300

CONSEAL 300 is a pure bitumen emulsion, with excellent elastic property used for long-lasting waterproofing.

Costar Proshield 100

Costar Pro Shield 100 is a polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen and selected polymers, blended together to obtain good waterproofing properties.