Decorative Mortar

Costar offer ranges of decorative mortar utilized for the detailing of structure surfaces with conventional building feel in living arrangements, lodgings and proficient premises. They are utilized to give wonderful appearance to both internal and external walls.


Costar Wall Putty

Costar Wall Putty is specially designed waterproofing base coat which provides smooth finish on plastered surface.

Costar Mortar 10

Costar Mortar 10 is a blend of portland cement, sand and special additives specifically designed for plastering works on block walls, concrete surfaces, bricks and general filling internally and externally

Costar Mortar 20

Costar Mortar 20 is cement based plaster mortar reinforced with special additives and polymers specifically designed for interior and exterior coating of thermal insulating plates.

Costar Mortar 30

Costar Mortar 30 is gypsum based rendering skim coat for filling defects on wall and ceiling surfaces and for skimming surfaces finished with paint coats and wallpapers

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