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Costar Expanseal 200

Costar Expanseal 200

COSTA EXPANSEAL 200 is a two-component poly-sulphide joint sealant which, when the Part A and B components are mixed together leads to a chemical reaction, which cures to a firm, flexible rubber like seal with excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood, glass, acrylic, stone, metal and many other common building substrates. It is very flexible and has good chemical resistance.

Costar Expanseal 200 is available in gun and pouring grades. The gun grade is ideal for general application while the pouring grade is ideal for joints in horizontal surfaces.

Costar Expanseal 300

Costar Expanseal 300 is self-levelling polyurethane sealant ideal for horizontal applications that allows continual movements of the structure caused by thermal changes without cracking.