Costar Tile Fix 10 Flex

Costar Tile Fix 10 Flex is a flexible, ready to use, cement-based tile adhesive for installing ceramic tiles and marbles on to walls and floors. It is suitable for vertical and horizontal fixing applications with excellent bonding onto all cementitious substrates.


Costar Tile Fix 10 Flex is a high polymer modified tile adhesive with water resisting properties, specially formulated for fixing low porosity vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles on the floor of normal size in internal and external areas. The adhesive can be used for fixing ceramic tiles on wall and floor and is suitable for dry as well as wet areas for internal and external application.


  • High Bond strength.
  • The free-flowing product makes it easier to mix and apply, easy-to-use.
  • Useful for bed thickness of 3-15* mm.
  • May go up to 15 mm in a limited extent for wall & floor application.
  • Thixotropic formula – no sag, for the easy application on the wall.
  • Low VOC – For a healthy living.
  • For installation of vitrified tiles on the floor.
  • Suitable for Tile-on-tile application of vitrified tiles on pre-existing ceramic tile floors.
  • Self-curing properties, this allows for no-hassle application, with minimum labour.
  • No hacking of the substrate required to achieve the required bonding.
  • To be applied internally and externally on ceramic flooring and indoor walls.
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles with a medium-high absorpon rate.
  • Non slip.
  • Excellent initial adherence.
  • Excellent Waterproofing and water resisting properties; adding a bonus benefit.


  • Laying tiles over cementitious waterproofing.
  • Tiling of interior and exterior facades of the building which are exposed to outside weather conditions.
  • Bonding of tiles on existing tiles
  • All type of low and high absorption tiles
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal application
  • Suitable for normal sized ceramic and vitrified tiles.
  • In tiling of sound surfaces of concrete and non-sand surfaces such as; gypsum bond, parcle board, plywood and other large scale stones.


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